About Us

Every mind is unique and capable of growth, provided the learner gets a conducive learning environment and triggers to think in the right direction. His learning journey should be a process of discovery, practice, experimentation leading to passion in selected domain.

Our Objectives:

  • To make learning a simple and joyful discovery process
  • To empower parents, teachers as well as learners
  • To establish a strong foundation through concept enrichment and daily practice
  • To strengthen real world application of concepts
  • To stimulate different intelligence of young minds (Visual, Spatial, Logical, Abstract)
  • To give exposure to hands-on learning experiences and activities with full connect with real world
  • To enable independent learners to discover and pursue their passion

Our Products/Approach:

Our Present: At the initial level, we are providing students of grade I-V with a way to hone and strengthen their mathematical skills. Through our 15 years of teaching experience ,We have developed a learning system for kids comprising worksheets & activity sheets. These are available for each concept organized in terms of growing difficulty as well as cognitive ability. This helps every child in understanding and gaining mastery over every basic concept and help them seamlessly move to more advanced concepts .

Our Future: By the coming year, we plan to expand vertically by adding on the content for higher grades as well. We also plan to run parallel systems targeted to other academic subjects i.e. English, Science and a third language. Gradually, we will even come up with fun material for non-academic or co-curricular aspects such as Calligraphy, Drawing and Arts.


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